Does a CCJ (County Court Judgment) affect getting a mortgage?

Yes, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) can affect your ability to get a mortgage. Lenders check your credit history, and having CCJ’s recorded against you may make them hesitant to lend to you. While it’s still possible to get a mortgage with a CCJ there will be less lenders that will consider your application. There are lenders that specialise in lending to people with bad credit, including those with CCJs, but you might face higher interest rates.

To improve your chances of securing a mortgage, try to repay the CCJ as this will boost your credit score. Focus on making payments on time, reducing your debts, and correcting any errors on your credit report.  Work closely with a Bad Credit Mortgage Specialist to get help in understanding your credit report, your starting position and find out how to correct any errors.  They will also help you to find the right lender that will consider your situation.

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